I am a New York based photographer.

I create my art by photographing people and documenting life.

When I went to film school, I never imagined photography would be my career. I always dreamt of directing movies and working in big productions. I never thought I would be doing the same thing years later, but with photography. I’m really glad film played such a big part of my background and learning because I use cinematographic techniques everyday in my work.
Since I have natural passion for music, I began my career as a freelancer, photographing musicians for Latin/Hispanic publications. My work led me to work with celebrities and covering important entertainment events in the Latino community, like the Billboard Latin Music Awards and Premios Juventud.

At the same time, I was capturing images of local talent, aspiring models, and actors, which led my work to be published in established magazines and newspapers such as People en Español, New York Family, New York Press, and The Epoc Times. My experience made me a sought after Photo Editor for Actual Magazine and later on for Negocios Hispanos USA. Currently, I also write about film for the online magazine VIP Latino and work as part of their photo team.

Once I decided to open my own company, XSPhotographer, a lot of new opportunities came to me. One of them, photographing weddings, allows me to travel internationally and share my work. Additionally, my love for travel has influenced my decision to work outside of my home city of New York, including Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami (which I consider to be my second home).

In my free time, I offer photo seminars to people who wants to learn about photography and how to enjoy capturing special moments, using the greatest city in the world as a model.

Thank you for taking the time to review my portfolio and I look forward to working together with you to capture life’s special moments.